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      No latest technology for partition walls can be more cost efficient and faster than our technology.
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      Panel Wall Brick Wall AAC Block Wall Dry Wall - Fiber Cement Sheets
      Moisture resistant
      Good sound insulation
      Good fire resistance
      Quick to install  
      Economical wall structure  
      No need for skilled labor  
      No plaster just wall putty  
      Electrical installations easy  
      Cheap raw material  
      Light to handle    
      Even surface for direct painting without putty    
      Rather large-sized elements
      Slow installation  
      Skilled brick layers needed  
      Thick plastering needed      
      Total cost high    
      Weak Material    
      Big moisture movements    
        Panel Wall
      (92 mm)
      Bricks AAC Blocks
      (100 mm)
      Man hours for 100m2 20 hrs 60 hrs 40 hrs  
      Units per 100m2 55 5500 600  
      Mortar used 100 lts 950 lts 330 lts  
      Plastering on each side 0 15 mm 8 mm  
      Weight per m2 110kg/m2 or 77kg/m2 220 kg/m 2 65 kg/m 2  
      If you have any questions or need to talk with us then please send us an email to dw@sdyzty.com
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